Programs & Projects Supported

In cooperation with the Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Foundation, the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, its Young Lawyers Division, and other organizations, the Saint Louis Bar Foundation has provided grants in support of the following:
(IOLTA Logo – to come)

  • Law Related Education Resource Center (average of $18,000 per year for over 15 years)
  • Missouri High School Mock Trial Competition
  • St. Louis Internship Program
  • St. Louis Crusade Against Crime/Medal of Valor Ceremony
  • Professional Housing Resources
  • Tel-Law
  • HIV/AIDS Legal Information Booklet
  • Guardian Ad Litem Training
  • Domestic Violence Training for Educators
  • Children’s Handbook/Coloring Book on Divorce
  • Educational Video on Durable Powers of Attorney for the Elderly
  • Seminars on Cultural Differences, the Bill of Rights, and Domestic Violence for Judges
  • Directory of Family Support Services
  • State Government Educational Field Trips for Low-Income Youth
  • Scholarships for Journalism Students
  • Scholarships for Legal Assistants
  • Scholarships for Minority Law School Students at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law and the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law (over $200,000 in the past decade)
  • Educational aspects of National Conferences held in St. Louis including the National Black Law Student Association Midwest Regional Conference, the National Bar Association Annual Meeting, the National Conference of Metropolitan Courts and the Appellate Court Clerks National Conference, 1997 ABA Pro Bono Conference, 1998 National Law Related Education Conference, 1998 National Association of Women Judges Conference, and 1999 National High School Mock Trial Competition.
  • Equipment Packages for Trial Courts and Renovation of the Civil Courts Building in St. Louis (learn more here)
  • Completion of New Jury Assembly Room in the Civil Courts Building in St. Louis (learn more here)
  • Missouri Gender and Justice Task Force
  • Homer G. Phillips Memorial and Luncheon