Currently Funded Programs & Guidelines

Supporters of The St. Louis Bar Foundation are aware that one of the Foundation’s most rewarding functions, as funds permit, is the awarding of grants for “innovative projects that address identifiable and unmet needs in the community.”  The grant proposals from eligible non-profit organizations must, according to Foundation guidelines, address one or more of the following categories:

As grant applications arrive each year, we are often taken with the breadth and depth of “unmet“ needs in the community that appropriately turn to the Bar Foundation for support.
In the recent past, fourteen non-profit organizations requested Grant Application forms, but only eight submitted requests for funding. After reviewing all of the applications, the Board of the Foundation was able to fund seven, at least in part. The description of some of those funded projects provides insight into the significant needs that the Foundation was able to address in this year’s requests and may give others an idea of the type of projects to which we are attracted.

We know from our past experience that a significant positive benefit results for many in need through the grants the Foundation awards. As  the charitable arm of the Bar Association, it is equally clear that several of these organizations did not receive funding to meet their entire needs, and some have needs in amounts far exceeding our ability to make a difference.

The Foundation endowment must grow through annual support if the Foundation is to have the outreach that its mission needs. Those who are privileged to serve on the Foundation board can attest to a breadth and depth of needs expressed in the proposals received, the gratitude expressed to the Foundation by those receiving grants (even if we were unable to fully fund their requests), and the persisting desire of the Foundation to play an increasingly significant role in more effectively serving the St. Louis metropolitan legal profession, the justice system, and the many “unmet” needs in our community. We, in turn, thank all of you for your financial support.