The Golden Gala

The annual dinner party and awards ceremony celebrates the work of the Foundation and will be held on October 25 this year. It is also the occasion for presenting the annual Spirit of Justice Awards (SOJ).

To make your reservation to attend the 2013 Golden Gala, call Lucia Patterson at (314) 421-4134 or email her at

The Spirit of Justice Awards

The purpose of the Spirit of Justice Awards (SOJ) is to recognize lawyers, non-lawyers or organizations who have demonstrated accomplishment, leadership, and integrity in fostering and maintaining the rule of law and in facilitating and promoting improvement of the administration of justice. The SOJ Awards are determined each year based on nominations received by the Foundations, and then chosen by the SOJ Awards Committee.
Begun in 2009, the SOJ Awards have become a popular way to focus the good work of the Foundation and of others in our community and provide a way for all to come together to celebrate our collective accomplishments.